We support the selection of a new name for Dixie School District.

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Current as of November 15, 2018

Current officials

Kate Sears, Marin County Supervisor, District 3
Gary Phillips, Mayor of San Rafael, CA and former Dixie School District Board Trustee
Kate Colin, San Rafael City Council Member
Diane Conti, College of Marin Board Trustee
Marnie Glickman, Dixie School District Board Trustee
Ida Green, Sausalito Marin City District Board Trustee
Larry Bragman, Marin Municipal Water District Board Member
Peter Lacques, Mayor of Fairfax, CA
Renee Goddard, Fairfax Town Council Member
John Reed, Fairfax Town Council Member
Ford Greene, San Anselmo Town Council Member
Scott Donahue, Emeryville City Council Member
Jose Lara, El Rancho Unified School District Board of Trustees Vice President
Amy Martensen, Napa Valley College Trustee
Dana Silvernale, Northern Humboldt Union High School District Board Trustee

Former Elected Officials

Willie Brown, former Speaker of the California State Assembly and Mayor of San Francisco, CA
Quentin L. Kopp, Vice Chair of City and County of San Francisco Ethics Commission, retired California Superior Court Judge, former member of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors and former California State Senator
Karen Crockett, former Dixie School District Board Trustee
Phyllis McGuire, former Dixie School District Board Trustee
Annie Song-Hill, former Dixie School District Board Trustee
Judy Tipple, former Dixie School District Board Trustee
Dr. Susan L. Adams, former Marin County Supervisor
Bruce Anderson, former Marinwood Community Services District Board Member
Niccolo Caldararo, former Fairfax Town Council Member
Gayle McLaughlin, former Mayor of Richmond, CA

faith leaders

Marin Interfaith Council
Rev. Scott Clark, Dean of Students and Chaplain at San Francisco Theological Seminary, Terra Linda resident
Rev. Marcus Hartlief, Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Marin, San Rafael, CA
Rev. Kurt Kuhwald, Oakland, CA
Rabbi Susan Leider, Congregation Kol Shofar, Tiburon, CA
Rev. Pamela Griffith Pond, Novato, CA
Rev. Scott Quinn, Executive Director, Marin Interfaith Council

organizations and civic leaders

Dr. Thomas Peters, President and CEO of Marin Community Foundation
Johnathan Logan Jr., Vice President of Community Engagement, Marin Community Foundation
Andrew G. Giacomini, Buck Family Fund Board Member
Noah Griffin, Buck Family Fund Board Member, Tiburon, CA
Peter Hamilton, Buck Family Fund Board Member, Novato, CA
Cleveland Justis, Buck Family Fund Board Member, San Rafael, CA

Melissa Cadet, PhD, Executive Director, Marin City Community Development Corporation
Omar Carrera, CEO, Canal Alliance, San Rafael, CA
Bad Ass Teachers Association
Marilee Eckert, CEO, Conservation Corps North Bay, Novato, CA
Educate 78, Oakland, CA
Marin County Human Rights Commission
Marin County Youth Commission
Marin Green Party: Marin Green Party enthusiastically endorses the name change and the pursuit of equity and social justice in Marin County.
National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, San Francisco Executive Committee
National Association for Multicultural Education
Eva Paterson, President of Equal Justice Society, Oakland, CA
Frances L. White, PhD, former Superintendent and President of of the Marin Community College District

Melba Beals, Marin County: Melba Beals was a member of the Little Rock Nine, a group of African-American students who were the first to integrate Central High in Little Rock, Arkansas in 1957.
Ken Burns, Emmy Award Winning Filmmaker
Don Carney, YMCA Restorative Services Director, San Rafael, CA
Ruth Maletksy Carter, Dixie School District Bond Oversight Committee Member, San Rafael, CA
David Escobar, Director of Programs and Operations, Multicultural Center of Marin
Meredith Griffin, Tiburon, CA
Mark Headley, Philanthropist
Nancy Kirshner-Rodriguez, San Francisco, CA
Caroline Peattie, Executive Director, Fair Housing Advocates of Northern California, San Rafael, CA
Kerry Peirson, former chair of Marin Human Rights Commission, Mill Valley, CA
Carmen Policy, attorney and former San Francisco 49ers Team President
Michael Pritchard, speaker and youth motivator, San Rafael, CA
Norman Solomon, author, Point Reyes Station, CA
Bob Stafford, businessman, Marin County
Mrs. Kevin Starr, widow of California’s State Librarian and author
Gregory Stepanicich, attorney, San Rafael, CA
Harley White, Marin County

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  • Mark Brilliant, Associate Professor, Department of History, Director, Program in American Studies, University of California, Berkeley

  • Clayborne Carson, Martin Luther King, Jr., Centennial Professor of History at Stanford University: Dr. Carson has edited numerous books based on Dr. King's papers, including The Autobiography of Martin Luther King, Jr.

  • Courtney Coghlan, San Rafael, CA

  • KJ Cerankowski, Assistant Professor of Comparative American Studies and Gender, Sexuality, and Feminist Studies, Oberlin College

  • Chiyuma Elliott, Assistant Professor, African American Studies, University of California, Berkeley

  • Kitty Kelly Epstein, Associate Professor of Education, Holy Names University, Oakland, CA

  • Jason Ferreira, Associate Professor and Chair, Race and Resistance Studies at College of Ethnic Studies, San Francisco State University

  • Shelley Fisher Fiskin, Professor of Humanities, Professor of English, and Director of American Studies, Stanford University

  • Annie Fox, author and educator, San Anselmo, CA

  • Marisa J. Fuentes, Presidential Term Chair in African American History, Associate Professor at Rutgers University

  • Vicki Gotham, Dixie School District teacher

  • Tiffany Herard, Associate Professor, African American Studies, School of Humanities, University of California, Irvine

  • Marcial Gonzalez, Associate Professor of English, University of California, Berkeley

  • Elizabeth Hinton, John L. Loeb Associate Professor of the Social Sciences, Departments of History and African and African American Studies, Harvard University

  • Nikki Jones, Professor of African American Studies at University of California, Berkeley

  • Robin D. G. Kelley, Gary B. Nash Endowed Chair in U.S.  History, University of California, Los Angeles

  • Paul Kivel, Educator and Writer, Oakland, CA

  • Leon Litwack, Pulitzer Prize-Winning Professor Emeritus of History at University of California, Berkeley

  • Waldo E. Martin, Alexander F and May Professor of American History and Citizenship at University of California, Berkeley

  • Devon Marvel, Dixie School District teacher

  • Carter Mathes, Associate Professor of English, Rutgers University

  • Kyle T. Mays, Assistant Professor, Department of African American Studies and the American Indian Studies Center, University of California, Los Angeles

  • Colleen Mihal, Professor, College of Marin, Kentfield, CA

  • Walter Miller, Distinguished Professor of Pediatrics Emeritus, University of California, San Francisco

  • Mark Naison, Professor of African and African American Studies at Fordham University

  • Halifu Osumare, Professor Emerita, Department of African American and African Studies, University of California, Davis

  • Marty Otañez, Associate Professor of Anthropology, University of Colorado, Denver

  • Robert Ovetz, PhD, Political Science Lecturer, Lagunitas, CA

  • Ianna Owen, Assistant Professor of English, Williams College

  • Dr. Christine Palmer, Senior Lecturer in American Studies, University of California, Berkeley

  • R. Radhakrishnan, Chancellor's Professor, Humanities, Distinguished Professor of English and Comparative Literature, University of California, Irvine

  • Shana Redmond, Associate Professor of Musicology, University of California, Los Angeles

  • Christopher Rieder, Dixie School District teacher

  • Jay Schulman, Mill Valley Middle School teacher

  • Ula Y. Taylor, Professor & H. Michael and Jeanne Williams Department Chair, African American Studies & African Diaspora Studies, University of California, Berkeley

  • Walter Turner, Professor of Social Sciences, College of Marin, Kentfield, CA

  • Shahrazad Vakharia, Dixie School District teacher

  • Ann Van Sant, Associate Professor of English, University of California, Irvine

  • Paul Von Blum, Lecturer, Department of African American Studies, University of California, Los Angeles

  • Erika Weissinger, Visiting Assistant Professor, Goldman School of Public Policy, University of California, Berkeley

  • Cornel West, Professor of the Practice of Public Philosophy at Harvard University, Professor Emeritus at Princeton University and Advocate

  • Elisa Joy White, Associate Professor, African American and African Studies, University of California, Davis

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dixie school District alumni

Loree Adee, San Rafael, CA
Bron Anderson, Petaluma, CA
Sara Baskin-Boro, San Rafael, CA
Meaghan Bertram, San Anselmo, CA
Natasha Beery, Berkeley, CA
Laura Bertolli, San Rafael, CA
Brian Burkart, Los Angeles, CA
Gricelda Calderon, San Rafael, CA
Ryan Chung, San Rafael, CA
Chloe Curtis-Pierce, San Rafael, CA
Steven Dahlgren, San Rafael, CA
Dr. Sheri Dillon, San Clemente, CA
Clara Estebecorena, San Rafael, CA
Patrick Ford, Berkeley, CA
Gail Gislason, San Rafael, CA
Grace Haggerty, San Rafael, CA
Cora Kingdon, Washington, DC
David Knopf, San Rafael, CA
Mia Lakritz, San Rafael, CA
Joani Marinoff, Muir Beach, CA
Dr. Gordon McCarter, Albany, CA
Patrick McGuire, San Francisco, CA
Carol Morales, San Rafael, CA
Mariangela Morales, San Rafael, CA
Ciel Niesen, San Rafael, CA
Brian Nissim, San Rafael, CA
Patrick Nissim, San Rafael, CA
Ankoor Patel, Vallejo, CA
Natalie Peck, Novato, CA
Frankie Pereira, San Rafael, CA
Ardith Plimack, Greenbrae, CA
Maura Prendiville, San Rafael, CA
Keith Rogers, Busby, MD
Elliott Scheuer, San Rafael, CA
Jonathan Segev, San Rafael, CA
Sari Shore, Makawao, HI
Nathan Smith, San Rafael, CA
Catherine Stengel, San Rafael, CA
Jason Tighe, San Rafael, CA
Katlin Vagelatos, San Rafael, CA
Lindsey Watkins, Orem, UT
Kimberly Whitehouse, San Rafael, CA
Sophia Wickens, San Rafael, CA
Olivia Yoakum, San Rafael, CA
Sophie Yoakum, San Rafael, CA

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marin county Community members

Stephen Abedon, San Rafael, CA
Krista Alborg, San Rafael, CA
Carole Amend, Mill Valley, CA
Kathleen Andrianos, San Rafael, CA
Julie Auslander, San Rafael, CA
Diana Austin, San Rafael, CA
Heather Austin-Weir, San Rafael, CA
William Bacon, San Rafael, CA
Ahmed Baporia, Mill Valley, CA
Jan Bauman, San Rafael, CA
Olivia Beltran, San Anselmo, CA
David Benin, San Rafael, CA
Matthew Benedict-Montgomery, Alameda, CA
Lisa Bennett, Sausalito, CA
Tracy Benning, San Rafael, CA
Jeannie Bianchi, San Rafael, CA
Carl Bidleman, Mill Valley, CA
Teri Bleiweiss, San Rafael, CA
Barbara Bogard, Mill Valley, CA
John Boldrick, Fairfax, CA
Ward Bouwman, San Rafael, CA
Lisa Bridges, Novato, CA
Eileen Brown, San Anselmo, CA
Shannon Browning, San Rafael, CA
Christopher Busch, San Rafael, CA
Robert Bushyhead, Larkspur, CA
Shirl Buss, San Rafael, CA
Nicole Bussin, San Rafael, CA
Karen Cain, Kentfield, CA
Cara Caindec, San Rafael, CA
Lisa Canin, San Anselmo, CA
Frank Carbone, San Rafael, CA
Chris Carey, San Rafael, CA
Bruce Carmedelle, San Rafael, CA
Sherri Carrigan, San Rafael, CA
Marx Cazanave, Kentfield, CA
Brandi Chalker, San Rafael, CA
Gennifer Choldenko, San Rafael, CA
Ricky Cole, San Rafael, CA
Megan Colman, Novato, CA
Mary Connell, San Rafael, CA
Patrick Costello, Forest Knolls, CA
Elina Coulter, San Rafael, CA
Jami Coulter, San Rafael, CA
Dave Coury, Corte Madera, CA
Evan Cross, Mill Valley, CA
David Curtis, San Rafael, CA
Kathy D, San Rafael, CA
Michael D’Agosta, San Rafael, CA
Anne Elizabeth Daniel, Greenbrae, CA
Celine Schein Das, San Rafael, CA
Modhurima DasGupta, San Rafael, CA
Maggie Dawes, San Anselmo, CA
Jeri Di Pietro, San Rafael, CA
Sandra Dinardi, San Rafael, CA
Lisa Doering, San Rafael, CA
Etienne Douglas, San Rafael, CA
Steven Dunphy, San Rafael, CA
Geeta Durham, San Rafael, CA
Jeff Durham, San Rafael, CA
Raphael Durr, Marin City, CA
Wendy Eberhardt, MD, San Rafael, CA
Ashley Ector, San Rafael, CA
Ami Ehrlich, San Rafael, CA
Jonathan Eldridge, San Rafael, CA
Mary Ann Ellison, Mill Valley, CA
M. Evans, San Anselmo, CA
Licita Fernandez, Sausalito, CA
Audrey Finci, Mill Valley, CA
Shelley Finci, Greenbrae, CA
Sherry Fink, San Rafael, CA
Kimberly and Brian Finn, San Rafael, CA
Tamela Fish, San Rafael, CA
Lee FitzGerald, San Rafael, CA
Nan Foster, Ross, CA
Gloria Freer, Novato, CA
Alissa Friedman, San Rafael, CA
Dr. Jonathan Frieman, JD, San Rafael, CA
Jack Fulton, San Rafael, CA
Christine Gabbard, San Rafael, CA
Kathleen Gaines, San Rafael, CA
Alexis Garcia, San Rafael, CA
Felecia Gaston, Marin City, CA
Sally Gaston, Novato, CA
Miguel Gavaldon, San Rafael, CA
Jim Geraghty, San Rafael, CA
Tanya Egan Gibson, San Rafael, CA
Elizabeth Gonzalez, Novato, CA
Eric Gold, San Rafael, CA
Constance Goldsmith, Mill Valley, CA
Debbie Goodman, San Rafael, CA
Clifford Gould, San Rafael, CA
Nette Gould, San Rafael, CA
Stacie Grant, Novato, CA
Shannon Griffin, San Rafael, CA
Caren Gutierrez, San Rafael, CA
Phil Gutierrez, San Rafael, CA
Steven Gutierrez, Mill Valley, CA
Jaime Hailer, San Rafael, CA
Shelley Hamilton, Fairfax, CA
Jessica Hamman, San Rafael, CA
Katherine Harband, San Rafael, CA
Newton Harband, San Rafael, CA
Newton Harband, San Rafael, CA
Pamela Harlem, San Rafael, CA
James Harris, Sausalito, CA
Ann Hathaway, San Rafael, CA
Linda Haumann, San Rafael, CA
Justine Hebron, San Rafael, CA
Geoffrey Henderson, Novato, CA
Rev. Alison Hendley, San Rafael, CA
Joseph Henke, San Rafael, CA
Matt Hermann, San Rafael, CA
Kathryn Hill, San Rafael, CA
Marcelo Hirschler, Mill Valley, CA
Tia Hobbs, San Rafael, CA
Jessica Hollinger, Mill Valley, CA
Jarrod Holt, San Rafael, CA
Valeri Hood, Fairfax, CA
Glenda Horsley, San Rafael, CA
Jules Howard-Wright, San Rafael, CA
Jess Hoyt, Larkspur, CA
Nathan Hunt, San Rafael, CA
M. Susan Hurst, San Rafael, CA
Jeanne Imai, San Anselmo, CA
Belinda Ingraham, Marin City, CA
Cindy Irish, San Rafael, CA
Timothy Irish, San Rafael, CA
Auban Jackson, San Rafael, CA
Cheryl Jacobs, San Rafael, CA
Marcia Jacobs, San Rafael, CA
Sammy James, San Rafael, CA
Dustin Kahn, San Anselmo, CA
Wendy Kahn, Mill Valley, CA
Rachel Kamman, San Rafael, CA
Erin Kane, San Rafael, CA
Jane Karp, San Rafael, CA
Jennifer Katz, San Rafael, CA
Vanda Keenan, San Rafael, CA
Dalbir Khalsa, San Rafael, CA
Jill Klima, San Rafael, CA
Kirk Knauer, Mill Valley, CA
Hilary Knight, San Rafael, CA
Ronny Knight, San Rafael, CA
Nicole Kowalski, San Rafael, CA
Gabriel Kram, San Rafael, CA
Denise Krawitz, San Anselmo, CA
Carson Krone, San Rafael, CA
Lorry Krone, San Rafael, CA
Jayme Lacour, San Rafael, CA
Cesar Lagleva, San Rafael, CA
Sybille Lange, San Rafael, CA
Catherine Lee, San Rafael, CA
Ellen Lee, San Rafael, CA
Ji-eun Lee, San Rafael, CA
Kelley Lehman, San Rafael, CA
Michelle Leopold, Owner of Marin Ace Hardware, Greenbrae, CA
Magdalena Levin, San Rafael, CA
Ben Lindenmuth, San Rafael, CA
Janet Lipsey, San Rafael, CA
Christopher Lish, San Rafael, CA
Trudie London, San Rafael, CA
Jon Lotter, San Rafael, CA
Mark Maatz, San Rafael, CA
Sheena Maatz, San Rafael, CA
Galen Main, Mill Valley, CA
Christina Mangurian, MD, MAS, San Rafael, CA
Bree Marchman, San Rafael, CA
Mary Marcom, San Rafael, CA
Oshalla Diana Marcus, Marin City, CA
Shawn Marshall, Mill Valley, CA
Lucia Martel-Dow, San Rafael, CA
Laurie Martin, Mill Valley, CA
Marc Matheson, Inverness, CA
Jena Mayer, San Rafael, CA
Michael McCarthy, San Rafael, CA
Susan McCarthy, San Rafael, CA
Don McCartney, San Rafael, CA
Elizabeth McDermott, San Rafael, CA
Katie McDonnell, San Rafael, CA
Patricia McDonnell, San Rafael, CA
Carolyn McGrath, San Rafael, CA
Kerry McIntosh, San Rafael, CA
Whitney Merchant, San Anselmo, CA
Heidi Merchen, Novato, CA
Susan Meyers, San Rafael, CA
Beth Miller, San Rafael, CA
Julius Mills, San Rafael, CA
Tina Mitaine, San Rafael, CA
Laura Mobilner, San Rafael, CA
Ricardo Moncrief, Novato, CA
Dan Monte, San Rafael, CA
Constance Mullen, San Anselmo, CA
Elroy Munson, retired employee of Dixie School District, San Rafael, CA
Georgia Montgomery, San Rafael, CA
Ryan Garroway Myers, San Rafael, CA
Jennifer Nassiri, Kiddo! Foundation Board Member, Mill Valley, CA
Carol Nelson, San Rafael, CA
Jeremy Nelson, San Rafael, CA
Kerry Nelson, Woodacre, CA
Nicole Nelson, San Rafael, CA
Tayu Neogy, Fairfax, CA
Gina Neri, San Anselmo, CA
Tni Newhoff, San Rafael, CA
Mimi Newton, Fairfax, CA
Chad Nicholson, Corte Madera, CA
Karen Nielsen, San Rafael, CA
Ciel Niesen, San Rafael, CA
Josh Noble, San Rafael, CA
Mesa Nordbye, San Quentin, CA
Mary O’Leary, Sausalito, CA
Bethany Ojalvo, Bolinas, CA
Shalom Ormsby, San Rafael, CA
Stephanie Ormsby, San Rafael, CA
Heather Otanez, San Rafael, CA
Izzy P-W, San Rafael, CA
Meredith Parnell, San Anselmo, CA
Robert Pendoley, San Rafael, CA
Dr. Jessuina Perez-Teran, Mill Valley
Sarah Petrini, Novato, CA
Johanna Pino, San Rafael, CA
Nicola Pitchford, Ph.D., San Rafael, CA
Casey Poldino, San Rafael, CA
Kelsey Poole, San Rafael, CA
Ken Pontac, Sausalito, CA
Kim Powell, San Rafael, CA
Rebecca Prather, Mill Valley, CA
Aaryn Pratt, San Rafael, CA
Eileen Prendiville, San Rafael, CA
Ellen Randall, Novato, CA
Debbie Raphael, San Rafael, CA
Pat Field Ravasio, Corte Madera, CA
Pamela Reaves, San Rafael, CA
Sydney Reyff, San Rafael, CA
Ana Reza-Hadden, San Rafael, CA
Jane Richardson, San Rafael, CA
Annabella Robinson, Mill Valley, CA
Louise Robinson, San Rafael, CA
Cassandra Rodriguez, San Rafael, CA
Barbara Rozen, San Rafael, CA
Lisa Scarsella, Mill Valley, CA
Sommer Schaefer, Sausalito, CA
Kif Scheuer, San Rafael, CA
Karen Schwartz, San Rafael, CA
Sukey Schwartz, Marin City, CA
Kumiko Shafer, San Rafael, CA
Moses Sedler, San Rafael, CA
Tara Seekins, Sausalito, CA
Katie Segev, San Rafael, CA
Lynnette Shaw, Fairfax, CA
Elana Shea, San Rafael, CA
Kelly Shea, San Rafael, CA
Bri Silva, San Rafael, CA
Roselyn Simionato, Novato, CA
Philip Simon, San Rafael, CA
Stephen Skartvedt, San Rafael, CA
Craig Slater, Fairfax, CA
Angela Smidt, Rohnert Park, CA
Karen Smith, San Rafael, CA
Michael Smith, Larkspur, CA
Todd Smith, Sausalito, CA
Chris Snell, San Rafael, CA
Allison Sokol, Fairfax, CA
Brian Spring, Mill Valley, CA
Alessondra Springmann, Point Reyes, CA
Alex Stadtner, San Rafael, CA
Gina Stadtner, San Rafael, CA
Chaney Statler, MA, LMFT, San Rafael, CA
Jill Stephens, Sausalito, CA
Leslie Stone, San Rafael, CA
Pete Stout, San Rafael, CA
Pam Sweeney, San Rafael, CA
Aline Tanielian, Novato, CA
Debra Taube, San Rafael, CA
John Tetzlaff, San Rafael, CA
Ann Thalman, San Rafael, CA
Leele Thomas, Woodacre, CA
Toni Thompson, San Rafael, CA
Rachel Todd, Fairfax, CA
Wendy Todd, San Anselmo, CA
Michael Toivonen, Tiburon, CA
Diane Tompkins, San Rafael, CA
Laura Tompkins, San Rafael, CA
Lynn Tompkins, San Rafael, CA
Leigh Ann Townsend, Mill Valley, CA
Linda Toy, San Rafael, CA
Debra Tozier, Kentfield, CA
Bryan Trautsch, San Rafael, CA
Nicole Trautsch, San Rafael, CA
Monica Trujillo, Novato, CA
Natasha Turner, San Rafael, CA
Kris Twining, Mill Valley, CA
Krishna Tyner, Fairfax, CA
Jeanette Vaccaro, San Rafael, CA
Marc Vaccaro, San Rafael, CA
Alexander Vahdat, San Rafael, CA
Patrick Vail, San Rafael, CA
Chantal Valentine, San Rafael, CA
Silke Valentine, Novato, CA
Patrice Villars, San Rafael, CA
Leilani Villasenor, Novato, CA
Heather Walker, San Rafael, CA
Rebecca Walters, San Rafael, CA
Ray Welch, San Rafael, CA
Jessie Washington, Marin City, CA
Monica Waterhouse, San Rafael, CA
Jason Watkins, San Anselmo, CA
Jamie Weinstein, San Rafael, CA
Paula Weiss, San Rafael, CA
Jod Weisshaar, San Rafael, CA
Bridget Whitlow, San Anselmo, CA
John Whitty, Larkspur, CA
Steve Wilbur, San Rafael, CA
Ethan Wiley, Forest Knolls, CA
Allyson Wilson, San Rafael, CA
Alexis Wise, Sausalito/Marin City, CA
Lauren Withey, San Rafael, CA
Christine Young, San Rafael, CA
Betsy Zeger, Greenbrae, CA

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Community Members Beyond Marin County

Donovin Abair
Diamond Abrams
Mychaela Abrams
Sal Alper, Oakland, CA
Luis Allen
Faith Almond
Aaron Alsobrooks
Dionne Amejoud
Abby Anderson
Monica Alexandra, Alameda, CA
Paula Allen
Faith Almond
Rayleigh Alsip
Maineshia Arceneaux
Elizabeth Babayev
Dinah Bachrach, Santa Rosa, CA
Lisa Baggs, Pinole, CA
AJ Bahnken, San Francisco, CA
Angela Bailey
CB Banks, Berkeley, CA
Cheryl Barbara
Franco Barefield, Richmond, CA
Jacqueline Barnes
Dana Bellwether, Santa Rosa, CA
Linda Benson, Denver, CA
Jutia Benton
Paul von Beroldingen, Brentwood, CA
Elizabeth Betancourt
Shekeyna Black, Cotati, CA
Nyla Blair, Santa Rosa, CA
Haley Bledsoe
Kiera Blevins
Jean Block, Little Rock, AR
Sarah Blumenthal
Eulalee Boothe
Regan Brashear, Oakland, CA
Alisa Brown, Milpitas, CA
Kamiko Washington Brown
Reginald Brown, Oakland, CA
Kathy Burklund, Green Bay, WI
Iain Burnett, Forestville, CA
Robert Calvert
Luke Campbell, Maplewood, MN
LaNiyra Carlisle
Kristine Carraway, San Diego, CA
Willis Carraway, San Diego, CA
Deborah Carroll-Patterson
Abraham Casanova
Juan Camilo Buitrago Casas
Vincent Castelli
Alexia Chaffee
Carol Chandler, San Francisco, CA
Annette Chapman, Watkins, CO
Jennifer Cherry, San Francisco, CA
Makeila Chester
Curtis Chiu, Walnut Creek, CA
Erin Chmielewski, Cotati, CA
Eileen Christensen, Santa Rosa, CA
Logan Chu
April Cielica, Mason, OH
David Cobb, Eureka, CA
Gabe Coffey
Megan Coffey, Rohnert Park, CA
Eli Conley, Berkeley, CA
Roanna Cooper, Oakland, CA
Tisha Corbett, Commerce City, CO
John Coyne, Barrington, NH
Carol Crabill, Petaluma, CA
Chance Cunningham
Keris Dahlkamp, Canyon, CA
Maxine Daniel, Tracy, CA
Yidonna Daniels
Gretchen Davidson, South Pasadena, CA
Brian Davis, Richmond, CA
Janet Davis, Alameda, CA
Jean Davis, Oakland, CA
Keatom Davis
Merlin Davis, Sebastopol, CA
Michael Davis, Hayward, CA
Thea De Armond, Oakland, CA
Christopher De La Cruz
Seth Deepak
Mondier DeMars, Hayward, CA
Elizabeth Dempsey
Anne DePage, Santa Cruz, CA
Jamie Derby
Brianna Deutsch, Berkeley, CA
Jennifer Devlin
Nicholle Dickens-Davis
Gayle Dickson, Richmond, CA
Mary Diesch, San Francisco, CA
Rebecca Dirking, Petaluma, CA
Uma Dixit
Tracy Do, Berkeley, CA
Emrah Dokuz
Lobsang Dolma
Jane'a Downton
Hana Dunham
Justin Ehrman
Sue Roberts Emery, Nevada City, CA
Stanley Emmanuel
Sanda Everette, San Mateo, CA
Sam Ewing, San Francisco, CA
Jodi Farrington
Michael Felipe
Maria Figueroa
Veronika Fimbres, San Francisco, CA
Nekita Fleming
Kaitlyn Fong, Moraga, CA
Judith Ford, Oakland, CA
Mark Ford
Hayjah Fordham
Paulette Foster
Stephanie Fratus
Sadie Fulton, Davis, CA
Peter Gaffney, San Francisco, CA
Katy Gambino
Rosa Garcia, Gilroy, CA
Victoria Gardner
Stephen Gentile
Brianna Gerard, San Francisco, CA
Gwynne Gertz
Anna Ghosh, San Francisco, CA
Sarah Gleeson
Chris Goff
Richard Gomez, Fresno, CA
Brian Good, Palo Alto, CA
Sheldon Grace
David Grasso
Cristina Grosso, Richmond, CA
Judith Grether, Berkeley, CA
Tim Griffin
Lin Griffith, Oakland, CA
Nancy Guerrera, Santa Rosa, CA
Caren Gutierrez, San Rafael, CA
Zakary Habash, San Jose, CA
Mikael Hadeshian, Berkeley, CA
Katrina Hadley
Leah Hammond, San Francisco, CA
Maria Harper
Tawanna Harris
Tempra Harris
Ember Hendershot, Arcata, CA
Nellie Hendrix, Dallas, TX
Alisia Herbert
Emily Hicks, Walnut Creek, CA
Aidan Hill, Berkeley, CA
Carson Hill
Brodie Hilp, Danville, CA
C’Jiles Holdman, Oakland, CA
Chanel Hooten
Marjena Howard
Mike Hudson
Meghan Hull
Reverend Randal Hunt, San Francisco, CA
Ian Hunte, San Francisco, CA
Refilwe Ikaneng
Ciana Innocent
Cheryl Jack, San Leandro, CA
Ryan Jans
Kandy Jenkins
Kimberly Jenkins
Deleah Johnson
Genevieve Johnson
Kimberly Johnson
Steve Johnson
Deloras Jones, The Sea Ranch, CA
Kaitlyn Jordan
Mahdia Juber
Keisha Jules
Gustav Jungstedt
Angela Kaufman
Marcy Kerbein, Oakland, CA
Marian Killian, Petaluma, CA
Paul Kivel, Oakland, CA
Katherine Kivett
Ralph Knight
Margaret Koster, Willitis, CA
Carol Kraemer, Windsor, CA
Liz Kroboth, Oakland, CA
Anthony Krzywicki, Ventura, CA
Kenya Kyser
Susan Lamont, Santa Rosa, CA
Linus Lancaster, Sebastopol, CA
Jacqueline Lanning
Julie Lanto
Vivien Lee
Eric Levinson, Sacramento, CA
Tionna Lewis
Jeremy Lightell, Oakland, CA
Rosemary Lopez, Arroyo Grande, CA
Vanessa Lopez
Priscila Louis-Jean
Lee Lu
Nzelle Oneke Makia
Mingus Mapps, Portland, OR
Chase Martin, Alameda, CA
Jessica Martin-Leshane, Portland, OR
Chanel Mash
Kim Matthews, Sacramento, CA
Lauren Mauricio, Tulare, CA
Allegra Mautner, San Francisco, CA
Seana Dooley McDonald, Santa Rosa, CA
Morissa Melchor
Kaden Memmott
Ann Menasche, San Diego, CA
Nancy Meredith, Santa Rosa, CA
Rena Meyers-Dahlkamp, Canyon, CA
Scott Miceli
Casey Miller, Kensington, CA
Victoria Moore
Derrika Moorer
Jesse Moorman, Joshua Tree, CA
Jim Mordecai, Oakland, CA
Janette Morrow, Petaluma, CA
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Elizabeth Muir, Oakland, CA
Paul Munroe, Berkeley, CA
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Naomi Murillo
Imani Muse
James Neal
Jermaj Nelson
Jeany Nemenzo
Martin Newman, San Francisco, CA
Riley Newman, San Francisco, CA
Melissa Newton, El Cerrito, CA
Nika Nicholas
Nassim Nouri, San Jose, CA
Erika Ochoa
Joseph Ondrechen, Valencia, CA
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Michelle Otanez, Denver, CO
Sharon Palmer, Petaluma, CA
Alison Paskal, Emeryville, CA
Aimee Payne
Brenda Payton, El Sobrate, CA
Colby Pearce
Lois Pearlman, Guerneville, CA
Kimber Pearson
Karen Pedersen, Sonoma, CA
Alicia Peirson, Hayward, CA
DeJon Peirson, Pleasanton, CA
Gregory Peirson, Pleasanton, CA
Devante Perry
Wanda S. Perry
Loring Pfeiffer, San Francisco, CA
Fahizilla Pirmohamed
Lakeisha Powell
Summer Price
Nicole Proctor, San Francisco, CA
Monica R., Oakland, CA
Shreya Ragi
Jason Ramos
Laura Redmond, Oakland, CA
Victoria Reed
Aeisha Rivera
Kevin Rivera
Sarah Rizzo, Portland, OR
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Jade Roberson
Laressa Robertson
Randon Robertson
Ariana Robles
Dr. Lilith Rogers, Sebastopol, CA
Alicia Roman, Santa Rosa, CA
Maria Rosales, Paradise, CA
Shuvranil Roy, Kolkata, West Bengal
Michael Rubin, Oakland, CA
Cathy Rupp
Derek Russ, Hempstead, TX
Fabianna Ruvalcaba
Karen Saari, Bodega, CA
Zaria Saeed
Frank Saiz, Forestville, CA
Randall Sawyer, Newman, CA
Cory Schieder
Lizzie Schmidt
Selby Schwartz, San Francisco, CA
Maya Selesnick
Deb Worland Sellersburg
Rasheed Shabazz, Alameda, CA
Lillith Shader, Santa Rosa, CA
Ji Shin, San Francisco, CA
David Siegel, Castro Valley, CA
Barbara Silberman, Excelsior, MN
Kierra Simmons
Dr. William Simon, Santa Rosa, CA
Kylee Simonds
Mahogany Smith
Wayne Smith, Santa Rosa, CA
Giselle Sobalvarro
Alicia Soliz, Petaluma, CA
Phoebe Sorgen, Berkeley, CA
Pam Spevack, Oakland, CA
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Dione Stasher
Jordan Sternberg
Brooklynn Stone
Elizabeth Storm, Sebastopol, CA
Gabriella Surber
Jonas Tanaka
Madeleine Taylor, Richmond, CA
Nadine Thomas
Kevin Thorn
Monty Thornburg, Coulterville, CA
Jennifer Tilson, Oakland, CA
Lauren Tilston, San Jose, CA
Stephanie Todd
Marla Tolfe, Napa, CA
Ann Tompkins, Santa Rosa, CA
Cherrell Toney
Jacob Tonkel, San Jose, CA
Terrance Tovar, Fresno, CA
Shirin Vakharia, Napa, CA
Shawn Vazquez
Luka Visnijc
James Wagner, Cotati, CA
Addie Washington
Bastian Webber
Ann Wei
Declan Welch
Austin Wells
Laura Wells, Oakland, CA
Donna Wesley
Etsuko Westerband
Rachel Whitaker, Santa Rosa, CA
Katie Wilde, Windsor, CA
Carl Williams
Ashley Wills
Paul Wilner, Seaside, CA
Janet Windesheim, Berkeley, CA
Jeff Woolley, LaPuente, CA
Guadalupe Yanez
Scott Yeager, Napa, CA
Ellen Zebrowski, Vallejo, CA
Bethany Zoe, Seattle, WA

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