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Dixie School District, located in San Rafael, California, was named after the Confederacy during the Civil War by Marin County Board of Supervisors.

On April 16, 2019, Dixie School District Board of Trustees voted to change the name of the district and Dixie Elementary School no later than August 22, 2019.

The campaign to change the name of Dixie School District began in 1997. We are grateful to the three people who led the movement, Bruce Anderson, Noah Griffin, and Kerry Peirson. We are thankful for more than 4,000 people who supported our efforts.

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Why do we support a new name for Dixie School District?

Dixie School District was created by the Marin County Board of Supervisors during the Civil War in 1863 when six million humans were enslaved in this country. Dixie is the national anthem of the Confederacy. The song, Dixie, was played at the inauguration of Jefferson Davis as the President of the Confederacy. The Confederacy fought for White Supremacy and lost.

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The origin of the district’s name has been confirmed by academic experts.

“After reviewing the historical documents compiled by Change The Name ( advocates, as well as a number of supplementary sources, it is my conclusion that the organization’s account and characterization of the historical origins of the Dixie School District’s name are accurate.” — Chiyuma Elliott, Assistant Professor, African American Studies, University of California, Berkeley

The impact of the Dixie School District’s name is divisive and hurtful to many people.

“Regardless of how “harmless” members of our community may consider the name Dixie to be, there is ample evidence from educational research that real and lasting harm is done to the educational outcomes and self-esteem of students of color who must learn in an environment where even “subtle” or “unintentional” messages are present honoring a history that excluded and devalued those like them. I hope we will choose not to take the chance of perpetuating such negative impacts.” — Nicola Pitchford, PhD, San Rafael, CA

Read Dr. Pitchford’s full report.

“[T]he name Dixie connotes-- intentionally or not--a dark and hateful part of our nations's history that offends our community and beyond. For that reason it is more than just a local issue...We cannot separate this issue from the broader context of our country's struggles with racism, including the ugly resurgence of neo-Confederates and white nationalists who are trying to take us backwards...Our nation's dark history compels us to be honest about the hateful origins of these symbols and to acknowledge that whatever revisionist nostalgia may come to attach to them, they are rooted in racism and deeply offensive to many people." — Congressman Jared Huffman